This is Dare's website
Party like it's 2006!! 8o|
My phone has a 256MB SD card
t h a t ' s g a y b r o
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Style Dollz
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Phoneky dollmakers
Puyo Puyo Fever DX.jar
Friv Classic
Socials and Platforms <3
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My phone
Tools of the trade <3
My digital drawing tools:
- 10moons T503
- 10moons 1060 Plus
- Touchscreen disc stylus
Art programs I use:
- Paint Tool Sai Ver. 1
- FireAlpaca
- Ibis Paint X
- TuxPaint
My traditional drawing tools:
- Mechanical pencil with 0.5 2B leads
- Maped colouring pencils (12-pack)
- Giotto/Koh-i-Noor/Carioca/Maped water-based markers
- At least 150-200g/m² block for wet/heavy mediums
- Either printer paper or lighter drawing blocks for dry mediums
- Carioca crayons
- Koh-i-Noor aquarelle pencils (12-pack)
- Deli plastic folding clipboard